A Palestinian State?

In days to come, we can expect a unilateral declaration of an independent Palestinian state, most likely by someone who refuses to recognize the state of Israel.

Nevermind that there HAS been a Palestinian state ever since the grant of partition in 1948. It is now called Jordan. But there is absolutely no pressure on that Muslim nation to absorb their ethnic/religious brothers. As usual, it is Israel, the smallest country in the region, which is expected to give up land and make concessions to an enemy that has never wanted peace in the first place. Land which was won in wars for survival, by-the-way.

Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently will be making a speech to the United Nations in the next week or so. That should go over like a kitten preaching peace to a pack of rabid dogs.

There will be plenty of rhetoric spewed forth to justify what is being done, but in reality the same agenda is being pursued: force the Israelis into an untenable strategic position. The enemies of Israel don’t want peace or coexistence–they want what Hitler and Haman wanted. Failing that, they’ll settle for what Herod and Pharoah had. And there are traitors in Israel’s government, just as there are and have been traitors in the highest offices of the United States for some time (though few have the backbone or integrity to call their treason what it is).

The nation of Turkey is in a transitional state as I write this. When that transition is complete, the alliance foretold in Exekiel 38 and 39 will be solidified. I have reasons to believe the invasion prophesied there will closely precede the 7-year period prophesied by Daniel, referenced by Jesus, and expounded upon by John the Revelator.

But there are some key players in Middle East politics missing from that Iranian-led and Russian-backed coalition, including Syria and the newly-fundamentalized Egypt. It is very likely those nations will suffer some sort of catastrophic devastation for them to not join in the coming attack against their Jewish enemy, and for the Israelis to be living under an assumption of security (as Ezekiel prophesied) when it does come. That devastation could come in the form of a military defeat, so thorough as to make 1967 seem like a tranquil year.

Intelligence sources over a year ago brought to light Hamas/Hezbolah preparations for a multi-pronged attack on Israel reminiscent of the Tet Offensive, complete with elaborate tunnel networks from Gaza. With even more strategic terrain handed over to the “Palestinians” in exchange for more empty promises of peace, the incentive to launch this attack would prove overpowering. And it is hardly farfetched to imagine the surrounding nations joining in to seize the opportunity and overwhelm whatever is left of Israel after the terrorists and UN have done what they do best.

However brilliantly planned and executed, this attack will fail. Once regathered from the diaspora, God will not let the children of Israel be driven out. Perhaps one result of this war and its aftermath will be a revival of devout Judaism. Perhaps even a “religious” government, also. Maybe even a refusal to give up reclaimed territories this time. Now that would be interesting…and justify to a gullible world population the large-scale invasion by multiple nations which will follow.

Pay attention to what happens in the Middle East during the next few weeks. The situation is much closer to the breaking point than many people could ever guess.

Author: Elijah Dispatched

I never doubted the existence of God. I thank my parents for that. Even so, most of my life could be summed up as a shameful rebellion against Him. Still, even when living like a reprobate heathen, I still occasionally studied the Bible. I found it just as confusing and seemingly contradictory as most people, yet I could also discern there was power in it, and truth beyond my finite reckoning. After finally admitting to my Creator, "You are God and I am not," my study of the Bible became a bit more intensive. I have learned much, and will learn much more. I plan on sharing some of that here.

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