Iraq, Iran, Syria and the USA Part 2

In Part 1 I mentioned my belief that the literal city of Babylon was one of three cities alluded to by the phrase “Mystery Babylon” in the book of Revelation, and that what has been happening over there in the last decade or so is paving the way for the scenario depicted in Biblical end-time prophecy.

The other development I mentioned in Part 1 is something much easier for us to track (at least if we are not among those deceived by the media and popular culture and therefore blind to reality): The reduction of the United States of America to insignificance on the world stage.

In the blog post “The Black Horse in America” I gave the Cliff Notes version of one reason the USA is facing oblivion. Even heathens (who are not yet totally deceived) recognize that the USA is on the brink of utter financial collapse as our economy is destroyed right out from under us. We are not nearly as strong militarily as most people assume, either. Add to that the moral state of the Union. Morally speaking, it’s plain to see that God has laid nations low for far less than what we are guilty of.

And that takes us back to the great whore of Mystery Babylon.

Based on Zechariah 5:5-11 I believe two important world capitols will move from their present cities to the “plains of Shinar“–where Saddam Hussein’s remodelling of “Old Town” Babylon has been interrupted for now. The religious capitol will transfer there from Rome, and the financial capitol from New York City.

Why do I call Rome the religious capitol? Am I just picking on Catholicism? Besides, doesn’t Islam have a farther reach and is a bigger threat?

Islam does seem to be the biggest threat right now, but is going to suffer a major blow to its reach, influence and appeal after the catastrophic war prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39, I believe. It is obvious in the Revelation that a single global religion is coming. Most likely Islam and Catholicism, along with the other religions of the world, will merge to form this One World Religion. The New Age movement (whatever name it’s going by this month) has been making inroads to do just that. Given the ovine gullibility of human beings in this age of deception, this can easily be accomplished in the wake of a horrific disaster (the Magog invasion) with a desperate financial situation (famine and runaway inflation) by a clever, charismatic figurehead such as the one the Bible warns us about, who won’t let that crisis go to waste.

Back to the USA: New York City is the world headquarters of international finance. It has been for nearly a century and most of us assume it will always be.

The Bible forewarns that the great whore’s destruction will come upon her in one hour. Simply taking an honest look at the situation surrounding us in 2013, there are a couple ways this could happen even without a blast of fire from Heaven or some other unmistakeable projection of God’s wrath.

A nuclear attack could do it.

A terrorist could plant a surplus Russian Nuke in the city and detonate it. Look at the havoc wreaked in 2001 just by taking a couple buildings down. Imagine the whole city under a mushroom cloud.

Or another nation could launch an overt nuclear strike. Domestic enemies of the USA in Congress and the White House have worked diligently to ensure that our nation has no viable defense against a first strike. In addition to borrowing money from China in order to give it back to them as foreign aid, those domestic enemies have helped build mainland China into a superpower even as they worked to weaken America and reduce our infrastructure to a house of cards. In exchange for hefty reelection campaign contributions (but given their ideology, they probably would have done it for free, anyway) the Clinton Administration gave Red China enough military secrets to, among other things, enable them to accurately hit strategic targets in the USA (or anywhere else) with atomic weapons. Let’s not forget that despite “the end of the Cold War” that the Russians still have a nuclear arsenal that dwarfs our own, and when Ezekiel quotes God as saying “I will send fire on the land of Magog and on those who dwell with a false sense of security in the coastlands,” this could be a description of a nuclear exchange. As a precautionary measure during the multinational invasion of the Middle East, the Russians may launch a first strike on Israel’s only ally, and perhaps our attack subs will counterstrike despite the leadership (or lack thereof) in Washington.

A stock market crash could do it, with the right meddling from Washington and the Federal Reserve.

Or, if a couple nations simply decide to dump all their US dollars and demand redemption in real money…what happens then?

More likely, an alternate organization surpasses OPEC, and does not hold to US petro-dollars as its exchange currency. Overnight the artificial value ascribed to the Federal Reserve Notes we use for currency disappears. Nobody will accept them for payment on anything anymore. What happens to the economy and our lives in that scenario?

Utter chaos. But there’s already been a plan in place to restore order from the top down. The plans include a global currency (eventually cashless), a global police force and a universal, unifying religion.

When Revelation describes the great whore and how the kings of the earth have drunk the “maddening wine of her adultries,” it sure sounds a lot like the New York/Washington DC axis. But there’s a much bigger clue: the nations and kings of the earth hate the great whore, yet when she is destroyed the whole world (especially the merchants) weep because this enormous consumer nation is no longer around to buy their exports. The Holy Spirit could not have identified the USA more clearly than this even by using modern geo-political terms.

I can’t tell you exactly when or how the secure facade is going to fall away. But America is speeding over the cliff at increasing speed. No push or nudge is required to send us over the precipice to destruction–all that’s required is to let things continue as they are. In fact, we are careening at such speed, so close to the cliff, that at this point even an attempted course correction couldn’t avert the inevitable.

Meanwhile we are encouraged to accelerate “Forward!”

There’s a bad moon rising and the end is coming soon. Is your eternal soul prepared for the end of its grace period?

Author: Elijah Dispatched

I never doubted the existence of God. I thank my parents for that. Even so, most of my life could be summed up as a shameful rebellion against Him. Still, even when living like a reprobate heathen, I still occasionally studied the Bible. I found it just as confusing and seemingly contradictory as most people, yet I could also discern there was power in it, and truth beyond my finite reckoning. After finally admitting to my Creator, "You are God and I am not," my study of the Bible became a bit more intensive. I have learned much, and will learn much more. I plan on sharing some of that here.

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