On one of my pages I shared a hypothesis I’ve had for a few years now that the Russians might build a “dirty” atomic warhead and name it after Chernobyl, or there might be another nuclear disaster, worse than the first, and be called “Chernobyl II” or something. I started thinking this way while reading what Revelation says about the star called Wormwood.

This has not yet been confirmed to my knowledge (and when events are covered up, they are very difficult for normal people to confirm…just sayin’) but there are rumors leaking out about some sort of meltdown at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant in Ukraine. The plant is the largest in Europe, maybe the world (six reactors), according to the report I heard. Somebody hacked the Twitter accounts of two of the bigwigs in charge of the plant and, if the messages are legitimate, it sounds pretty scary. One of those involved referred to it as “another Chernobyl.”

Chernobyl means “wormwood” by the way, and the description in Revelation of the resulting “bitter water” and what it does to people who drink it sounds just like radiation poisoning.

Author: Elijah Dispatched

I never doubted the existence of God. I thank my parents for that. Even so, most of my life could be summed up as a shameful rebellion against Him. Still, even when living like a reprobate heathen, I still occasionally studied the Bible. I found it just as confusing and seemingly contradictory as most people, yet I could also discern there was power in it, and truth beyond my finite reckoning. After finally admitting to my Creator, "You are God and I am not," my study of the Bible became a bit more intensive. I have learned much, and will learn much more. I plan on sharing some of that here.

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